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‘Walter Palmer Is Satan’: Celebrities Rage Over Cecil the Lion’s Killer

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The social-media uproar continues against Walter Palmer, the man who shot and killed Cecil the lion — the star attraction of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, has already faced a huge backlash from some pretty high-profile personalities, including Jimmy Kimmel and Piers Morgan.

Other celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their ire towards Palmer.

Mia Farrow ended up in hot water when she tweeted out Palmer’s address, which had already been publicized extensively on Twitter. Many protesters have since gathered in front of his practice, which remains closed as a result of the scandal. Farrow eventually apologized and deleted the tweet.

Sharon Osbourne, famed wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, went on quite a Twitter rampage against Palmer, comparing the game hunter to Satan.

Other celebs called for Palmer to be stripped of his dentistry license and even his citizenship.

But Ricky Gervais, who had previously shamed a teenage girl who, like Palmer, killed giraffes and lions for fun, took a much sadder tone, lamenting the death of the animal instead of explicitly calling Palmer out.

Here Are Famous People Posing With Animals They've Killed

Theodore Roosevelt Dead Rhino
After serving as President of the United States in 1909, Teddy Roosevelt went on an 11-month, 2,500-mile safari. The expedition was funded as a scientific expedition by the Smithsonian Institution, according to the Theodore Roosevelt Association. On the trip, Roosevelt trapped or shot over 11,000 animals, including elephants, hippos, and white rhinos.Corbis
Prince Harry crouches over a water buffalo he shot and killed in South America in 2004.
Troy Gentry, of the country singing duo Montgomery Gentry, killed this captive black bear in Minnesota in October 2004. He was sentenced to three months of probation and a $15,000 fine and was banned from hunting in Minnesota for five years.
Donald Trump hunt
Donald Trump, Jr., posing with a buffalo in Zimbabwe during a safari trip in 2012.Hunting Legends Africa
eric trump hunt
Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, posing with a buffalo in Zimbabwe during a safari trip in 2012.Hunting Legends Africa
Justin Tuck, defensive end for the Oakland Raiders, told Outdoor Life about his enjoyment of the challenge of bow hunting. He also discussed his big game trip to Africa, where he shot a hartebeest, zebra, wildebeest, hyena and water buffalo.
glen-mcgrath hunt
Glenn McGrath, Australian international cricketer, posing with an elephant in Zimbabwe during a safari trip in 2008.Hunting Legends Africa
Miranda Lambert poses with a deer. She also was shown to kill an Alligator during an appearance on the Sportsman Channel's "Country Boys Outdoors,” in 2010.

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