By Sam Frizell
July 27, 2015

Just a week after fighting off a shark during a surf competition, Mick Fanning is hitting the waves again.

The Australian surfer was pictured getting back on his board at Snapper Rocks near the Gold Coast on Monday morning, the Daily Mail reports, just days after he narrowly avoided a massive shark in the J-Open at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa last Sunday.

Fanning posted a photo of himself to his Instagram account with the caption “First surf back. Feels so good.”

Last week, Fanning was on his board when a shark came from behind and attacked Fanning, who says he punched it on the nose. The shark retreated and Fanning emerged unharmed.

“To walk away from a shark attack with not a scratch on you. It’s a miracle really,” Fanning said.

[Daily Mail]

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