Here’s Jeb Bush’s Underwhelming Review of Sharknado 3

1 minute read

Jeb Bush has discovered Sharknado, and he is not impressed.

The 2016 contender shared his thoughts on the franchise in a video posted to his campaign’s YouTube channel under his series “#JebNoFilter.” He says he discovered Sharknado 3 while channel surfing in a hotel room and found it “kind of weird.”

“People are getting killed, the White House is being collapsed, the Washington Monument’s going down, and lo and behold, Mark Cuban is president of the United States!”

As puzzled as Bush was by the shark-filled plot, he was even more baffled to learn that it was the third movie in a series. “Please help me, give me some information about what’s going on,” he said into the camera. “I’m culturally illiterate, apparently.”

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