July 24, 2015

It’s been five years since Janet Jackson’s last album and four since her last tour, but 2015 is unquestionably the year of the Janet comeback. She’s already announced a world tour and a new studio album—her eleventh—and Friday morning she debuted the first video for a song off that album.

The video for “No Sleeep” (spelled with an extra “e,” perhaps to emulate Jackson’s crooning voice), a sultry slow jam about nights put to good use, features Jackson holed up in a cozy chalet on a rainy night. Teaming up with the uber-relevant J. Cole—a smart choice for a comeback single—Jackson conjures the laid-back, sexy vibes of early ’90s singles like “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

Some of the video’s aesthetic choices, most notably projected slides of Jackson as a baby with her father, are somewhat incongruous with the song’s mature themes. And some of Cole’s lines—“You miss junk food/ that’s why we work/ You bring cooked food/ and I bring dessert”—seem to diverge oddly from the topic at hand. But eccentricities aside, it’s a more than welcome return.

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