July 24, 2015 8:55 AM EDT

Interviewers, beware: do not mess with Amy Schumer. The Trainwreck actress met with two Australian radio hosts, Matt Tilley and Jane Hall of KIIS 101.1, and Tilley asked a few questions that did not sit well with Schumer. After discussing the costumes in the movie, he asked, “Do you have the word ‘skanky’ in America?”

“We do have that word,” Schumer said. “What made you think about your mom?”

Hall tried to defuse the tension, but Tilley went on, “Come on, that’s the character of the movie, I’m not trying to offend you.”

“Whatever you’re trying to do,” Schumer said, “you are. That’s a rude question.”

When Tilley said he was “not leaving ’til we get the car crash moment,” Schumer replied, “Then you’re gonna have to get it from your wife when you go home.”

The interview included more discussion about Tilley’s mother as well as details on Schumer’s pubic grooming habits. When Tilley wrapped up by asking Schumer what she had planned next for her career, she said, “I wanna do whatever I have to do to do another interview with you again.”

Hall, clearly a bit embarrassed for her colleague, said, “I might come by myself next time.”

Watch the full clip below:

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