July 23, 2015 2:15 PM EDT

Historical footage from the Associated Press and British Movietone, two of the world’s most prominent newsreel archives, is now available to watch on YouTube. The more than one million minutes of material, which dates back to 1895, will showcase historical moments in everything from sports to science. It will also showcase cute animals, as you’ll see in the clip above, released by British Movietone.

“In America, they claim to have found the world’s most patient cat,” says the old-timey British voice-over. “Of course cats often put up with a fair amount of rough stuff from children and even puppies, but this one evidently never loses its temper. It’s a puppy’s dream cat.”

What follows is 33 glorious seconds of adorable puppies play-attacking a cat. In other words, you know, the exact thing that is bound to go viral in today’s modern news cycle. Oh, and for more old-timey coverage of cute animals, check out these baby penguins:

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