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Beer pong getting a little too easy for you? Here’s a new shot to try:

  1. Bounce a ping pong ball five times on the head of a golf club.
  2. Pass the ball to your buddy, and have him bounce the ball another 11 times with a golf club before he passes it back.
  3. Bounce the ball 19 times on your golf club while passing it around both of your legs, one at a time.
  4. Flip the ball up onto the nape of your neck and catch it.
  5. Flip the ball back onto your golf club, so you can bounce it another nine times.
  6. Launch the ball into a red solo cup.

Or you can just watch these guys do it, because it’s unlikely anyone has as much free time as @BBsDoingNothing. And this isn’t even the only trick they can do.



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