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Black Bear Eats 20 lbs of Dog Food and Falls Asleep in Woman’s Yard

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A Florida homeowner peered out her window this past weekend and saw her backyard—complete with a snoozing black bear.

Bob Cross, of Lake Mary in Seminole County, was called to the scene on Saturday for his expertise in dealing with “nuisance critters,” but even he was stumped as to what to do.

“That’s a big bear. That’s a huge bear,” Cross recalled thinking, according to WFTV.

The bear had apparently dragged a 20-pound bag of dog food from a garage to a tree, which doubled as the location of his catnap after he ate the food.

“(It) repositioned three or four times and stretched out,” Cross laughed. “It just laid there.”

In the end, Cross let the animal go on his merry way. Neighbor Art Fischer hoped no one would shoot the sleepy bear.

“They were here before we were,” he said.

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