By Maria Yagoda/People
July 18, 2015

Hunger makes us do crazy things.

Case in point: A ravenous bear broke into a Lyons, Colorado, bakery and ate 24 pies, as well as several bags of ingredients.

The mischievous bear entered the Colorado Cherry Company by breaking through a window and climbing onto the oven, where he proceeded to eat two dozen pies as well as “bags of cocoa and a bag of sugar,” the owner’s daughter Mikaela Lehnert told The Guardian.

While it sounds as if the bear was indiscriminate in his tastes, he actually had quite the discerning palate.

“He went for the apple and the cherry and left behind the strawberry rhubarb, so he was a picky little guy,” Lehnert said.

The morning after the pie raid, Lehnert and her mother arrived to find their store in shambles, with two boxes in the yard. And, with 24 pies devoured without a trace, they have reason to believe that the bear enjoyed his dining experience – and may return.

“We have a feeling he knows it’s here so he’s going to come back,” Lehnert said.

Despite the damage (a broken window and vanished food supplies), the publicity from the strange break-in has been much appreciated.

“If anything it’s boosted [our business] because it put our pies and product out there.”

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