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Iran Rises

Why the Iran Deal Is a Risk Worth Taking

10 Questions with Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd The U.S. soccer star talks about her historic World Cup hat trick, handling instant fame and the future of her sport (listen up, FIFA)

A Humiliating Jailbreak Puts Mexico Back in a Place It Tried to Leave Behind


Satoru Iwata

Nintendo chief

Pop Chart

Colin Quinn

In Trainwreck, the new Judd Apatow–directed comedy starring Amy Schumer, Quinn plays Schumer’s father as a foulmouthed, bigoted philanderer with multiple sclerosis.

The Triangle Tower

America’s Newest National Monuments

Following a proclamation signed July 10, President Obama has protected more U.S. land than any of his predecessors.

Can Float Therapy Really Treat Stress?

Dump the Confederate Flag. Dump Cosby. but Don’t Dump the Reruns


No, China Is Not in an Economic Meltdown

Omar Sharif

Hollywood icon

Why Science Is Winning the Vaccine Wars

When Small Things Come in Great Packages, Ant-Man Wins

I’ll Never Bake Pies, and Other Life Lessons From a Renovation

Blood Will Tell

New advances have scientists banking on the idea that the most revealing diagnostic medical test will be a single drop of your own blood

What You Said About …

Shopping ‘Holidays’

How to Beat Your Smartphone Addiction

The GOP’s New Better Halves

Pluto Gets Its Moment in the Spotlight

The Bank of Bob (and Bill and Nancy and Lisa)

How peer-to-peer lending is changing the way we borrow money

What Could Greece Sell Off?

Buying Time

More women are counting on egg freezing to prolong their fertility. But is science really on their side?

New View of a Wide-Angle Impressionist

Women in Government


Go Set a Watchman Review: Atticus Finch’s Racism Makes Scout, and Us, Grow Up

Atticus Finch’s bigotry is placed in the context of a painful story of maturation

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