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New False Color Photos Set Pluto and Its Moon Apart

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NASA’s New Horizons Team has released new exaggerated color images from its space probe flyby of Pluto and its moons, highlighting differences between the surface of Pluto and its largest moon, Charon.

The images, which were obtained and color-filtered early Monday morning using “Ralph,” one of the seven science instruments on the NASA New Horizons spacecraft that passed just above 7,000 miles away from Pluto on Tuesday, reveal information about the weather on the dwarf planet and its moon, the age of their craters and the molecular make-up of the ice that appears to be prevalent on both surfaces, NASA reports.

The filtered images also show Pluto’s heart—a newly-discovered geological feature on Pluto’s surface that scientists are particularly excited about—as being made up of two seemingly distinct regions: just a taste of how much scientists still have to learn from the New Horizons data as it trickles in.

Read more at NASA.

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