July 11, 2015 1:50 PM EDT

Healing a Wounded Sense of Morality – The Atlantic

For the men and women who fight, wars never entirely end. Nor does the moral responsibility to care for veterans. The better we understand the particulars of the traumas they have faced, the more we can do to help them.

Denmark’s Nativist Threat – Jacobin

These are trends that we are seeing across the continent. And while the world focuses on the dramatic brinkmanship that continues between Greece and its creditors, the more insidious threats to European unity continue to grow.

Caucasian Jihad – The Economist

This is a dangerous strategy, because it presumes that extremism can be stopped at the border. But if the Islamic State can use the Internet and social media to bring recruits to Syria and Iraq, it can also inspire like-minded people to launch attacks where they live.

The Invisible Digital War – Foreign Policy

Information activism in action. Once upon a time, turmoil in a police state set off a race for the TV and radio broadcast centers. Control of information is now a much more complex operation, and governments and their challengers are playing both offense and defense. Good for Google in creating Project Shield to provide protections for consumers of information and ideas.

Charlie Hebdo’s Multi-Million-Dollar Pile of Tragedy Money – Vanity Fair

Another collision at the intersection of Ideology and money. “Which side are you on, boy? Which side are you on?”

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