Watch Amy Schumer’s Reaction to Jennifer Lawrence Saying Her Name

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Trainwreck star Amy Schumer has officially reached the level of fame at which even A-list movie stars know her name — yet she’s still grounded enough to get totally psyched when they say it on television.

In an interview with MTV News, Jennifer Lawrence pitched the idea of starting a Kickstarter campaign to get Schumer to agree to becoming the next Bachelorette, a gig which Schumer previously told EW that she’d accept for the hefty sum of $1 million — “And I would donate it to a charity that would keep that guy Tony from this season away from me. It’s my own charity: He has to stay a football field away from me at all times.”

Late Thursday, Schumer tweeted a video of herself watching the interview, and her reaction to seeing her name come out of Lawrence’s mouth is pretty delightful. Check it out:

Schumer’s memorable spot on The Bachelorette in May immediately led fans to demand that she become the next Bachelorette — even the show’s producers were on board. More seriously, Schumer told EW that she would take the job “if I could be myself, and I would need some hand in the editing.”

And now the comedian knows that the star of Hunger Games is on board, so … ball’s in your court, Schumer.

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