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The New Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle Is What We Deserved Last Year

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The original Destiny “glacier white” PlayStation 4 bundle was a trifle bland. White in that case indicated “builder white,” or white-white. Actual glaciers are nearer turquoise, like the crystal meth Walter White cooked in Breaking Bad. Imagine how much cooler that would have been!

The new Destiny: The Taken King 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle, just unveiled to celebrate the eponymous third expansion’s release on September 15, is by contrast delightfully ornate. The still-white console (with matching controller) now sports a lovely looking silver etching of the game’s cosmic map, with a large gold Guardian’s crest smack in the middle. And the bundle includes a physical copy of the “legendary edition” of the game, including all expansions through The Taken King, plus several “digital collector’s edition” upgrades (exotic Guardian items, emotes, armor shaders and an early access weapon pack).

In short, it’s the PlayStation 4 whoever’s responsible for pulling the trigger on these things should have green-lit a year ago.


The Taken King, chock full of new stuff to do (including a brand new campaign), is apparently developer Bungie’s plan to shore up the game’s dearth of content. Not that said dearth has dulled Destiny’s luster. Destiny has done very well for publisher Activision, with around 16 million registered users to date.

And it’s probably done very well for Sony’s PlayStation 4, too, what with Sony shrewdly securing enviable timed-exclusive content from day one. In The Taken King‘s case, that includes: a co-op Strike, a PvP multiplayer map, three legendary gear sets and an exotic scout rifle.

No word on a price yet, but last year’s Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle, which included a standard $60 copy of the original game, went for $450 (a 500GB PlayStation 4 currently goes for $400). The legendary edition of The Taken King runs $60 by its lonesome, while the collector’s edition goes for $80. The “limited” and “ghost” editions of the original game, by contrast, went for $100 and $150 respectively.

Wherever the new bundle’s price lands, you’ll probably need a loan to finance whatever eBay scalpers wind up asking, assuming this thing sells after it rolls out on September 15.

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