Here’s What Happens To Your Steak When You Grill It

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It’s time to throw nearly everything you can think of—meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and even fruit—on the grill and give it a good sear. But what makes food cooked over a fire taste so good? Here’s the simple (we promise, it’s not that complicated) science behind what makes red meat red, when to take your food off the flame, and whether gas or charcoal is really better for that getting that smoky flavor, thanks to the experts at the American Chemical Society.

Photos From 'America's First Family of Fireworks'

Burj Khalifa, Dubai. December, 2013.Fireworks by Grucci
Liberty State Park, New Jersey. July, 2014 Fireworks by Grucci
Liberty Island, New York. October, 2002.Fireworks by Grucci
Washington, DC. January, 2005. Fireworks by Grucci
Oswego, New York. July, 2013 Fireworks by Grucci
Baltimore, Maryland. September, 2014 Fireworks by Grucci
Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002
Salt Lake City, Utah. February, 2002 Fireworks by Grucci
Dubai world record 2014
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. December 2013.Fireworks by Grucci

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