July 1, 2015 5:00 PM EDT

If you haven’t yet seen Magic Mike XXL — in theaters now, finally — we suggest hearing the opinions of a few real-life strippers. Because they live and breathe the true Magic Mike experience.

The Daily Share rounded up a group of strippers who regularly perform at major New York City strip clubs. In the above video, they share their opinions about how realistic the movie is and judge Channing Tatum’s moves (and his physique.)

“The moves are excellent,” one admits, while another says, “My moves are better.”

Perhaps the least-impressed of the bunch (who appears to call Chan “Channum Tatum), says, “Been there, done that, done that, done that, done that six times. Magic Mike’s got nothing on Awesome Antonio.”

You’ll also notice a guy in a suit. That’s Armand Peri, who basically runs the entire NYC male strip club scene. His take on Chan? “I would definitely hire him, but I would say, listen, you gotta hit the gym.”

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