June 29, 2015 1:56 PM EDT

Judging by its record-setting box office performance, Jurassic World made a lot of people excited. But not as excited as the woman in the above video, who, according to her husband, loved the Chris Pratt-led film so much she cried about it for 15 minutes. It’s kind of hard to tell what she enjoyed through her happy sobs, but (we think) we made out the following: “There was so much about relationships, it had the theme of power through the whole thing, it’s so thematic and good … and the story of the raptors, they’re all, like, friends and stuff.”

She did have a bone to pick, however, with the Bryce Dallas Howard’s surprisingly controversial high heels in the film. “Put on some pants and tennis shoes!” she said. “That made me so mad!”

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