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The Old Answer to Humanity’s Newest Problem: Data
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This Is the Best Beach in the U.S.

U.S. Coastlines receive some 62 million visitors annually

This Is the Safest Place to Sit on a Plane

Where you should sit next time you get onboard

This Is the Best Job in America

Finding a growing career path is one thing, but finding one that won’t stress you out is another

Why Europe Can’t Leave Greece Adrift

Even though the country got itself into its huge debt mess

How a 25-Year-Old Blogger Took Down Apple

What Should I Order at Fast-Food Chains?

Some surprisingly healthy choices that aren’t salad

Do You Vote Your Lifestyle?

Only you can really know for sure. But let this folding quiz help you get closer to the answer

If President Obama Can Say It, You Can Too

The commander in chief sparked a debate with his vocabulary

The Most Exceptional Capitalist: Warren Buffett

The 84-year-old investor keeps a low profile but is on the highest pedestal in the business world

My Very Own ‘She Shed’

I’ll take a little more vodka and a little less gingerbread trim

What U.S. States Are Not Known For

Most states have at least one major claim to fame. Here’s a closer look at some lesser-known local superlatives

The Most Exceptional Actor: Meryl Streep

Known for expertly tackling diverse and difficult roles, the 66-year-old still sets the performance bar in Hollywood

The Most Exceptional Writer: Toni Morrison

She received the nobel prize in 1993 and is now the only living American nobel laureate for literature

Summer’s Best Cookbooks

This season’s offerings bring tasty treats

How to Win Jeopardy

You have to study. But since confirmed contestants typically get only four to five weeks to cram before competing, you can’t study everything. start here

The History of Human Innovation

Translated into the world’s newest language

3-D-Printed Bridge

Dutch firm MX3D recently partnered with software giant Autodesk to build a machine that can “print” bridges in midair. Its first test will be over an Amsterdam canal in 2017. Here’s how it will work.

The Art of Turning Data Into Answers

Which Team Has the Best Home-Field Advantage?

The team is perfectly average on the road but has a killer record at home. Here are the factors that help give home teams an edge

What’s Your Ultimate Summer Read?

Use your mood, your personal interests and your favorite recent reads to find the perfect book for this season

Am I Hurting the Planet?

Probably, if you look at the surprising carbon footprint of routine daily activities

Mapping a Nation of Books

Transport yourself across the country with 7 location-based yarns

How Much Competitive Eaters Really Eat

Since 1916, competitive eaters have gorged themselves for Nathan’s annual hot dog contest. Here are some other binge-eating contests and records

Are We Alone in the Universe?

Three public figures weigh in

Girls Can Tackle Football, Too

Let girls in the end zone to ensure equality

Is World Peace Possible?

Three public figures weigh in

What’s the Most Effective Workout?

All exercise is good for you. Use this chart to decide which type is best for your fitness needs

Debating the Confederate Flag

Sorrow, symbols and the meaning of a battle flag once the war is past

What Could America’s $18 Trillion Debt Buy?

A lot. All together, these blocks of expenses are just about equal to $18.2 trillion

Harper Lee’s Second Success

Her new novel, out July 14, is already a hit

What’s the World’s Deadliest Creature?

Sorry Sharks, mosquitoes have you beat. Here are totals ranked by number of human deaths per year

How Does Art Work?

Three public figures weigh In

The Most Exceptional Optimist: the Dalai Lama

The international icon of peace emerged from the humblest of origins

Why Don’t We Have a Cure for the Common Cold?

Even though the common cold is the primary reason American adults miss work and kids miss school, there’s still no cure. Here’s why

Who Is Exceptional?

Who Should Be on the $10 Bill?


III. Questions We Should Be Asking

GOP Candidates Woo Latinos

The 2016 contenders take a ‘Sí se puede’ approach

James Salter

Questions We Didn’t Know We Had


Brian Williams’ Demotion Sends a Mixed Message

He’s not credible enough to anchor one NBC network, but he’s fine for another?

What Are My Health Risk Factors?

Most people live past age 65, at which point the top cause of death is heart disease, followed by cancer, according to a tally of all 2.6 million deaths in the U.S. in 2013

Why Did ‘Frenemy’ Stick?

Academics are unraveling the mystery behind the success–and failure–of blended words

Pot Has Become Easier to Study

Not a moment too soon

Energy Drinks Have Doctors Worried

But business is booming

Where Are the Single Ladies?

And the fellas? They’re mostly in city centers across the country–with some notable exceptions. Here’s a closer look

What You Said About …

What Should Hollywood Remake Next?

The average remake comes out 26 years after the original. These 10 Movies are ripe for remaking, but are they a good bet?

The Most Exceptional Musician: Midori Goto

She has sold out music halls since the age of 11. Now 43, she is focused on music education and philanthropy

The Most Exceptional Athlete: Serena Williams

Williams, 33, has trained since the age of 3 and is the no. 1 women’s tennis player in the world

How to Make Binge Watching Better for You

Hulu just added all nine seasons of Seinfeld, meaning its fans will likely be spending a lot of time sitting (and eating) in front of a TV or computer screen–which, for obvious health reasons, is less than ideal.

Jordan Spieth, the U.S. Open

What Makes a Song The Song of the Summer?

There’s no easy formula, but commercial success, viral potential and a long lead time help make memorable hits for the hotter months

When Parents Publicly Shame Their Kids

A strange new sensation has hit the Internet

What Ever Happened to Spring?

It’s getting shorter in some areas and longer in others. Here’s where Spring has been hit hardest

Questions We Didn’t Know Had Answers

India’s Publicist in Chief

Meet the New Lab-Made Foods

Get ready for pink pineapples

Three New Books Tackle American Presidents

The forces that drove three historic men


Syrian government troops hold out against the militant group in the city of Deir ez-Zor

What Defines Us

The ways that we learn, heal and even worship are evolving

How to Do Well When You Do Good

Two new books tackle altruism

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