By Sarah Begley
June 23, 2015

Could the Crawley family soon be warbling their way through World War I? Maybe, according to an interview with Downton Abbey composer John Lunn, who says a musical based on the show is in the works.

Lunn said in a radio interview that he’s working on a live performance about Lord Grantham and the gang. “There’s talk of [creator] Julian Fellowes and I and some of the cast doing a live tour the way Dr. Who did; 70% of it will be music from the show,” he said. “There might be some Elgar, there might be some jazz of the periods. Some of the actors will likely recite. We’ll have a screen. We may have the music live to several scenes. Julian may be the host.”

Sounds like a ball, but will it really come to fruition? “I’d say it’s a 75% chance it will happen,” Lunn reportedly said.

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