June 19, 2015 4:04 PM EDT

The emotional Pixar film Inside Out hits theaters Friday, and there’s no denying moviegoers will be shedding tears throughout. This, of course, won’t be the first time a Pixar movie tugged at our heartstrings. From Sully and Boo’s goodbye to Buzz and Woody’s bromance, here are 10 times Pixar definitely made us tear up.


The seemingly rude food critic Anton finally tastes his childhood in one of Remy’s dishes, bringing him back to the comfort of his mother’s kitchen.

Toy Story 1

When Buzz realizes he’s not the only Buzz Lightyear on the block, he tries to prove he can at least fly, but falls to the ground instead.

Toy Story 2

When Jessie recalls her first owner in a montage set to Sarah McLachlan’s “When Somebody Loves Me,” we see her role as #1 toy fall to the relevance of nail polish and phone calls.

Toy Story 3

After Andy drops off his old toys with a new family, Woody and the gang sit up to watch him drive away. “So long, partner,” Woody says, as a teary-eyed Andy drives away.

Monsters Inc.

Boo says goodbye to Sully in the most heartbreaking way. Of course, Mike puts together the door to her bedroom and we get a hopeful glimpse into their reunion.


Carl and Ellie’s adorable love blooms in front of our eyes as we watch them get married and enjoy life. But Carl’s heartbreak becomes our own when they don’t get the chance to grow old together.

Finding Nemo

Nemo’s parents face off against a scary fish, which results in an untimely end for his mother. His father’s reaction, and his subsequent promise to keep Nemo safe is a true tearjerker.


When Merida’s mother burns her bow, it doesn’t take long for her to realize she’s made a mistake.


James Taylor’s “Not So Very Long Ago” plays over the history of Route 66, reminding us just how hard it can be to accept change.


Who knew robots holding hands could be so sweet? When Wall-E goes from default mode back to his real ‘self,’ all is well.

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