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Watch The Stars of True Detective Make Shocking Confessions to Jimmy Fallon

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The stars of HBO’s upcoming second season of True Detective paid a visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night to play a little game called True Confession, where Fallon, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn took turns confessing to something pretty unbelievable, and the others guessed whether it was real or not.

Farrell’s first confession: “When I was a late teen I got brought in for questioning as a suspect in an attempted murder.”

“This is like the Jinx!” Fallon says, as they pressure him for details. It is, in fact, a true story, but Farrell wasn’t guilty, as he explains, he was on the other side of town doing ecstasy at the time.

“I got my head stuck in a fence and my grandma used mayonnaise to squeeze me out,” Fallon confesses. And it’s true, he was stuck for about an hour when he was a young boy, which is why he doesn’t like mayonnaise today.

Vaugh, meanwhile, reads off his card explaining that he was once in a production of The King and I, but when questioned about what he sang, he plays it off quite well to make Farrell incorrectly believe he’s lying.

The best part of the bit, as we’ve learned over the course of Fallon’s reign of The Tonight Show, is watching him crack up when he’s trying to be serious.

True Detective season two premieres on HBO June 21 at 9pm EST.

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