Morning Must Reads: June 19

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Liberals are fuming after the House advanced President Obama’s trade bill Thursday, setting up another fight in the Senate. But the ordeal is the latest to demonstrate the limits of Obama’s powers on a range of priorities. At a fundraiser in California Thursday evening, Obama tried to pass the buck on failing to change Washington, telling donors he only promised that such change was possible, not that he was going to fix it. After a massacre in Charleston, 2016 presidential candidates have markedly different policy responses. Sen. Marco Rubio can’t draw a donor crowd in Sarasota. And the Federal Election Commission can’t agree on anything.

Here are your must-reads:

Must Reads

Liberals Vow to Punish Democrats for Trade Vote
TIME’s Haley Edwards on the backlash to Thursday’s vote

Kasich: The Republican Party Is My Vehicle, Not My Master
Gearing up for presidential run, the Ohio governor plots his own course [TIME]

Peril, Promise in Obama’s End Game on Trade, Health, More
Obama faces the limits on his power [Associated Press]

In L.A., Obama Addresses Washington’s Dysfunction
“When I ran in 2008, I in fact did not say I would fix it. I said we could fix it.” [Washington Post]

Hillary Clinton a ‘No’ on Trade Fast-Track, For Now
The Democrat looks to shore up her left flank with opposition to trade authority [CNN]

Sound Off

“At some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries.” — President Obama in an emotional statement from the White House Briefing Room after the shooting in Charleston

“As Arnold Schwarzenegger told me one time, ‘Love the beatings.’ As Arnold told me one time, ‘Going down the slope, love the moguls.’ I think that’s right, that’s a good attitude about life, and it’s a good attitude about politics.” — Ohio Gov. John Kasich to TIME

Bits and Bites

Hillary Clinton calls for action on guns after Charleston shooting [TIME]

Corporations are people. But are FEC commissioners people too? [Washington Post]

U.S. not booking Chinese-owned Waldorf for U.N. meeting [Washington Post]

When Bush went to war [Boston Globe]

Rubio fundraiser canceled in Sarasota [Herald-Tribune]

25 questions the Koch brothers want every 2016 candidate to answer [Washington Post]

Much more than 2 cents about a woman on the $10 bill [New York Times]

Bernie Sanders and immigration? It’s complicated [Politico]


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