Surprisingly Healthy Snack Foods

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New research suggests that people who eat a handful of nuts each day have a lower risk of dying from certain chronic diseases, compared with those who don’t. Alas, the link doesn’t stick for peanut butter. But there are several other popular munchies that experts now believe can improve your overall wellness–when eaten in moderation, of course.


Snacking on chocolate (including milk chocolate) has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, possibly because its flavonoid antioxidants help strengthen blood vessels.


Salsa is packed with the anti-inflammatory compound lycopene–and you’ll get four times as much if you eat it with avocado, one study found. Lightly salted chips, for scooping, are naturally rich in fiber.


There are now grass-fed versions of the gas-station staple, offering high-quality protein sans artificial preservatives.


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