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“I thought the job market was tough already. This only makes it harder,” said CBS This Morning’s Anthony Mason in a discussion of Eliza Gray’s June 22 cover story, which revealed how personality tests have become pervasive in hiring. The “factor people have forgotten is the importance of common sense, and there’s no test for that, unfortunately,” opined Barbara Pengelly of Williamsport, Md., one of many skeptical readers. Chuck Jones of Houston called the tests “a leadership punt” that could miss cranky but brilliant visionaries like Steve Jobs. Added Alan Dooley of Waterloo, Ill.: “I hope I live long enough to see this feeble idea exposed for what it is: stupid.”


Readers delivered on our request for feedback on the magazine’s new format and typefaces, mostly praising the design as easier to read. “I’m so glad that you have employed someone like [typographer] Kent Lew–now I can read TIME magazine without keeping a magnifying glass handy,” wrote Marlene Fabrie of Orland Park, Ill. “Bravo to the font designer!” added Donna Watkins of Crawfordville, Fla. “I never would have thought it could make a difference, but it surely did for me.” Still, some comments were critical: the new fonts are “certainly not understated,” wrote Jane Brannon, and Frances Bernhardt wrote that “some pages are too crowded.” Paul Douglas of Rapid City, S.D., however, was wholly enthusiastic. “I love your magazine now more than I did before,” he wrote. “Way to go.”


These are not your usual toy soldiers. For the past 40 years, a little-known conflict has set a group of separatists called the Polisario Front against the government of Morocco in Western Sahara. In an effort to bring awareness to the stalemate, photographer Simon Brann Thorpe painted members of the Polisario army GI Joe green, creating a series of pictures that evoke the objectification and loss of identity that comes with war. See more of these images on lightbox.time.com.

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