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Jaguar has unveiled a new vehicle that can be remotely controlled with a smartphone app, inching out of tight spots at low speeds.

The Remote Control Range Rover Sport shows how a driver standing outside of the vehicle can maneuver through challenging terrain by tapping controls on a touchscreen, including the accelerator, brakes and a digital steering wheel. The vehicle will go no faster than 4mph when being controlled by the smartphone.

“The driver could use the smartphone to reverse the car out of a parking space if someone has parked too close for them to open the door, or allow the driver to become their own off-road spotter, to guide the car over off-road obstacles from outside the vehicle,” the company wrote in an official statement. “It could also be an invaluable aid when the vehicle is fording a stream or traversing sections made slippery by mud or snow.”

The car automatically stops if the driver stands too close to the vehicle or more than 10 meters out of range. So far, Jaguar says this is only a “research vehicle” — so don’t expect your next truck to sport this feature.

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