By Samantha Grossman
June 15, 2015

Tom Brady is like an onion in that he has layers, and peeling away those layers sometimes makes us cry. In this case, we’re crying from laughing. (Sorry, Tom.)

The New England Patriots quarterback was spotted dancing the night away at the team’s Super Bowl ring ceremony Sunday. Let’s just say, if you’ve got a case of the Mondays right now, checking out Brady’s moves will be a great pick-me-up.

First, he tried a move we imagine is called the Grin-n-Shuffle:

Then he launched into the Funky Elbow:

Then he added some footwork and lateral movement to the Funky Elbow:

Then he offered a modern take on an old classic: the Fist Pump:

And finally, for good measure, here’s Patriots owner Robert Kraft getting down to Drake with Wiz Khalifa:




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