June 16, 2015 3:22 PM EDT

Spoilers for season three of Orange Is the New Black ahead.

If you’ve already finished bingeing season three of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, you might be left with more questions than answers. While season two offered a degree of closure with Vee’s death, this latest season left several storylines open and fans jonesing for more. Here are the plots we can look forward to in season four—one whole year away.

1. Is Alex dead?

It turns out Alex (Laura Pepron) was right to be paranoid. Someone did come after her in prison. But we didn’t actually see the guard kill Alex. Perhaps something else is afoot.

2. What happened to Dayanara’s baby?

The baby is now in the state’s custody. Does that mean she is going to a foster home? Or will they bring the baby to Mendez’s mother, assuming it is her biological granddaughter? If that happens, will Mendez’s mother tell the state the truth about Dayanara’s pregnancy?

3. Where is Bennett?

Speaking of the true baby daddy—where did Bennett go? Sure, seeing your father-in-law pull a gun on his kid is horrifying, but would that really lead to Bennett skipping out on the love of his life, fiancée and mother of his child?

There’s a more practical explanation: The actor, Matt McGorry, has a leading role on ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder now, and the two shows’ schedules overlapped last year. But is he gone for good? Netflix has yet to release which actors will appear in season four.

4. Will Sophia get out?

The last we saw Sophia (Laverne Cox), the guards had put her in solitary confinement “for her own protection.” Presumably her wife will lawyer up after not hearing from Sophia for days on end. And it’s hard to believe Caputo has turned so callous as to leave her down there while he climbs the corporate ladder.

5. Will we see Nicky again?

Nicky made an early exit from the season thanks to her insatiable drug habit. She’s been put in max, but is it possible that the show could take a trip down the hill to visit her and Stella (who was just thrown in max too)?

6. Is Ramos in trouble?

Pennsatucky is safe from the new guard now that she will no longer drive the van. But Ramos has taken her place and, as Boo quickly realizes, she is even more naive and vulnerable than Pennsatucky.

7. Have we seen the last of the old guards?

Healy and Caputo seem to be the last of the original guards left at Litchfield. The next season promises new guards and, based on the last shot, new inmates—including a character based on Martha Stewart.

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