June 10, 2015 4:13 PM EDT

Most of us have secretly wished Disney would announce a live action remake of The Lion King starring an all-feline cast. Those of you haven’t ever wished that: don’t you kind of want that to happen now that we’ve thrown the idea out there?

Well, some very dedicated filmmaker has given us a taste of what that glorious film could look like. He somehow got two tiny kittens to reenact the epic final scene, when Simba and Scar duke it out. Anyone who has ever interacted with a kitten knows how difficult it is to make one — let alone two — cooperate, so hats off to this guy for putting in the work. His patience clearly paid off.

You’ve really got to admire Marcel, who played Simba, for pulling off a particularly rousing performance. Especially for a kitten who appears to just nap all the time.

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