Find Out If Your Personality Fits Your Job

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As the class of 2015 heads out into the work force this summer, they are going to have their heads examined by the companies they hope to work for. Convinced by the gurus of Big Data that a perfect work force can be achieved by analyzing the psyche and running the results through computers, thousands of employers now insist that job candidates submit to personality tests. The phenomenon spans the pay scale from burger-flipping to high finance. And the questions range from the intrusive (“I dislike the high taxes we pay in this country,”) to the positively bizarre (“Sometimes I’m not sure what I really believe.”)

In a cover story for this week’s magazine, TIME explores the growing $2 billion testing industry. Employers say the tests are a critical tool in fighting costly employee turnover, increasing productivity, and raising customer satisfaction.

Want to know what the new kinds of tests are like? Below, we’ve reproduced parts of three personality tests created by Hogan Assessments, an assessment provider which has worked with companies since 1987.

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