By Zeke J Miller
June 10, 2015

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is defending his campaign shakeup, even as his super PAC may fall short of its nine-figure fundraising expectation this month. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has hired a pair of McCain campaign veterans in preparation for his all-but-certain presidential bid. Unknown nationally, he’s hoping his record bucking both parties will help him stand out amid the massive GOP field. And there’s another milestone at the Pentagon for gay servicemembers, who are now protected against discrimination by their commanders.

Here are your must-reads:

Must Reads

Gays in the U.S. Military Are Now Protected Against ‘Witch Hunts’
TIME’s Mark Thompson reports on a milestone at the Pentagon

Jeb Bush, Explaining Campaign Shake-Up, Calls for ‘Patience’
He says it’s not indicative of any problems with his campaign [Politico]

Vladimir Putin Tests the Limits of Pope Francis’ Powers
TIME’s Elizabeth Dias previews Wednesday’s meeting.

Super PAC Backing Jeb Bush Unlikely to Hit $100 million by End of June
Missing expectations will embolden rivals [Washington Post]

Kasich Taps Two Veteran Advisers for Expected Presidential Campaign
Staffing up before expected announcement next month [Washington Post]

U.S. Embracing a New Approach on Battling ISIS in Iraq
More U.S. trainers to help in attempt to recapture Ramadi [New York Times]

Sound Off

“Well, I’ve got a sister. She could play that role if necessary … I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.” — GOP Presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham

“I can’t tell you how many times people have met my mother and asked her, ‘Well how on earth did you ever raise kids like Michelle and Craig in a place like South Shore?’ And my mom looks at these folks like they’re crazy, and she says, ‘Michelle and Craig are nothing special. There are millions of Craigs and Michelles out there, and I did the same thing that all those other parents did – I loved them, I believed in them, and I didn’t take any nonsense from ’em’.” — First Lady Michelle Obama delivering a commencement address at King College Prep in Chicago

Bits and Bites

White House evacuated during press briefing [TIME]

Santorum may do straw poll, but won’t spend money on it [Des Moines Register]

New Jersey’s top court rules Christie can skip pension payments
[New York Times]

Michelle Kwan to join the Clinton campaign [New York Times]


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