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Gilmore Girls Stars Don’t Recall Context of Their Most Popular Quotes

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Fans hoping for breaking news out of the Gilmore Girls reunion Saturday night were about as disappointed as Logan (Matt Czuchry) was after Rory (Alexis Bledel) spurned his super public proposal.

Though the cast isn’t filming a movie, the ATX Television Festival Panel hosted by Entertainment Weekly did stir up some hilarious and even heartbreaking revelations.

Here are five things we learned from the panel Saturday night:

1. Jared Padalecki wasn’t the original Dean.

While reminiscing about the first day on set, Lorelai Gilmore herself admitted Rory’s first boyfriend was almost played by another actor.

“There was another Dean,” Lauren Graham said. “There was a Canadian Dean.””I’m sorry, there were two Canadian Deans,” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino chimed in. “And then we realized, you gotta go American.”2. Edward Hermmann loved the idea of a reunion.

The stars honored the late actor, who played Rory’s grandpa Richard Gilmore, with a video montage of his best scenes – and even left an empty chair on stage in his memory.

“Ed was the first one to say he was going to be at this panel,” Sherman-Palladino told the audience, tearing up. “That’s how f—ed it is that he’s gone.”

3. Liza Weil originally read for Rory.

Luckily, the writers ended up making the role of Paris just for her – but she wasn’t sure what the brash, hyper-competitive character said about her own personality.

“The younger version of myself was really freaked out that that’s what they wrote,” Weil joked. “I couldn’t fathom that they would think that they could do that! But now I think it’s really flattering, and I’m really glad.”

4. Scott Patterson nailed Luke’s grumpiness by having a bad day.

“The Gilmore audition was the second audition of three that I had that day. And I was late for the third one, it was to play opposite Carmen Elektra as a fembot,” he said. “I had parking issues out front … and I wasn’t a happy camper at all. I was late for Carmen Elektra, I was going to get a ticket, I was like, ‘Let’s go, I’m not going to get this job anyway, the script is too good, I’m a nobody.’ ”

5. Graham and Bledel don’t remember the context of their most popular quotes.

Both actresses could easily recite the lines fans most often parrot back them – “Oy, with the poodles already!” for Lorelai and “Copper boom!” for Rory – but neither could recall saying them or what they meant.

“We said so many words!” Bledel cried after the crowd’s palpable shock.

They really did – and at supersonic speeds – so we’ll give them a pass on this one. Time to hit Netflix, ladies!

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