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The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
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The Fox News debate cutoff is causing GOP candidates to rethink their campaign strategies, spending more time on television to boost their national poll numbers at the expense of organizing on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton’s early voting push is designed to boost a heighten Democratic advantage, but Republicans are catching up. Attorney General Loretta Lynch stumps Jeopardy contestants. And former First Lady Barbara Bush talks about turning 90.

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Must Reads

As Republican Debates Near, Candidates Vie to Make Cut
Selection criteria alter the ground game [New York Times]

Data Breach Linked to China Exposes Millions of U.S. Workers
Office of Personnel Management files hacked, but motivation remains unclear [New York Times]

Democrats Work To Keep Early Voting Advantage in 2016
TIME’s Sam Frizell reports on the self-interested reason behind Hillary Clinton’s early voting push

Senate Bill Would Limit Lobbyists From Bundling Campaign Donations
A campaign finance about-face for the former DSCC chairman [Center for Public Integrity]

Ex-Im Bank Expiration ‘Inevitable’ Amid 2016 GOP Fight
The controversial bank will be forced to stop making loans—at least for a time [Politico]

Democrats Get a Primary
TIME’s Joe Klein on why candidates O’Malley and Sanders will make it a race

Sound Off

“I am against discrimination of all kinds: race, religion, sexual orientation or whatever your last name is.” — Former First Lady Barbara Bush to TIME’s Michael Duffy on why she changed her mind about there being too many Bushes in the White House

“What part of democracy are they afraid of?” — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Texas Thursday of Republicans who have instituted voter identification requirements and restrictions on early voting

Bits and Bites

These Jeopardy contestants couldn’t name the attorney general [TIME]

Walker takes aim at university tenure [New York Times]

8 things to watch for Saturday at Ernst Roast & Ride [Des Moines Register]

GOP presidential hopefuls still rushing to Tom Brady’s defense [Boston Globe]

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