Here’s the Popularity of the Name ‘Caitlyn’

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On Monday, Caitlyn Jenner announced her new name with a bold Vanity Fair magazine feature headlined, “Call Me Caitlyn.” Formerly known as Bruce, Jenner chose 2014’s 421st most popular female name. There were 686 babies born in America last year named Caitlyn (2044 who spelled the name, “Kaitlyn”). According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, there were fewer than five baby girls born in 1949, the year Jenner was born, who were named either “Caitlyn” or “Kaitlyn.”

Jenner, an Olympian and television star, has broken new boundaries by publicly discussing her transition.

According to TIME’s baby name predictor, Caitlyn’s popularity has been on a downward trajectory. The popularity of “Caitlyn” peaked in 1998, and last year it looked like the name was headed for a decline in popularity steadily through 2037. There were fewer than five Caitlyns or Kaitlyns born in 1949, the year Jenner was born.

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