These are the Most Extreme Jobs

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Adrenaline addicts looking for a new job may want to consider a few of the following: Crocodile physiologist, venom milker and skydiving instructor. They all made a list of the world’s most extreme jobs, at least according to YourTradeBase, a company that helps other businesses with the entirely sedate job of completing their paperwork.

Take safari guide, for example, which was identified as the extreme career with the highest average salary. They are exposed to potentially dangerous animals like lions, work in an area lacking in medical facilities and drive on muddy and bumpy dirt tracks. But let’s face it: Despite the danger, it’s a great job.

Here are he most extreme jobs ranked by average salary per year (or season) are:

  • Safari Guide: $73,000
  • Professional Stuntman: $70,000
  • Crocodile Physiologist: $62,500
  • Storm Chaser: $60,968
  • Cave Diver: $58,640
  • Smoke Jumpers: $33,000
  • Venom Milker: $30,000
  • Skydiving Instructor: $24,000
  • Whitewater Rafting Guide: $6,675 per season
  • Everest Guides: $5,000 per season
  • In case you were wondering what a venom milker does, YourTradeBase writes that it’s a position to “massage the venom glands of many snakes, whilst pressing their fangs on a plastic plate/tube, to collect their venom.” It notes that “snakes don’t enjoy being milked.” Well, imagine that.

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