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By Zeke J Miller
May 28, 2015

Republicans espouse free market principles, but one supply-and-demand problem is burning holes in their pockets. With more than a dozen candidates, there’s a bidding—and begging—war for qualified staff, some of whom are taking home as much as $35,000 a month. Meanwhile, as the cover of TIME this week explains, the end of capital punishment is upon us as Nebraska legislators overturned a veto to ban the death penalty in the red state. And the GOP presidential field is anyone’s for the taking, but only two Republicans looked competitive right now against Clinton in a new poll. Here are your must reads:

Must Reads

Mad Rush to Hire 2016 Campaign Staff Brings Out the Beggars
Some top aides could bring in $35,000—a month—TIME’s Philip Elliott reports

Here’s What it Sounds Like When Generation X Runs for President
The next generation—and its culture—take center stage [Washington Post]

Spotlight Story
How Millennials Will Change America
American politics is still defined by the values and priorities of baby boomers. But not for long

Clinton Runs As A Woman
Eight years after playing down her gender on the campaign trail, Clinton embraces it [Wall Street Journal]

Why the End of Capital Punishment Is Near ($)
Bungled executions. Backlogged courts. And three more reasons the modern death penalty is a failed experiment, TIME’s David Von Drehle writes

For Loretta Lynch, a Stunning Debut on the World Stage
FIFA probe makes a name for the new Attorney General [Politico]

White House Presses for Deal on Phone Data Bill
The National Security Agency has a plan for shutting down its controversial surveillance programs [New York Times]

Sound Off

“I may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but unlike my rivals, I’ve been dying my hair for years. You’re not going to see me going white in the White House!” —Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking to a group of Democratic women in Columbia, S.C.

“This trip has been on my itinerary for a very long time.”—Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina to reporters Wednesday in Columbia, S.C. after facing repeated questions about whether a press conference outside a Hillary Clinton speech was a stunt.

Bits and Bites

Nebraska repeals the death penalty [Journal Star]

Clinton Faces Biggest Threat From Rubio and Paul in New Poll [TIME]

George Pataki to launch presidential campaign [Washington Post]

O’Malley backers launch super PAC ahead of Democrat’s presidential bid [Washington Post]

Clinton Foundation paid Blumenthal $10K per month while he advised on Libya [Politico]

Warren’s populist bestseller earned her a bundle [Boston Globe]


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