May 15, 2015

Last night, George Clooney did his part to make sure that David Letterman doesn’t leave late night any time soon. As the date of Letterman’s impending retirement approaches, the stars have come out to pay tribute to the beloved Late Show host. Adam Sandler serenaded him, Julia Roberts planted one on him and Tina Fey stripped down to her skivvies (sort of) to bid him farewell. Clooney, however, decided to take matters into his own hands to stop the beloved host from leaving the show at all.

“Let me see your wrist,” he requested after taking a seat. Letterman obliged, and Clooney promptly slapped a pair of handcuffs on the host, gleefully telling him, “You’re not going anywhere, David Letterman.” Mission accomplished.

Despite Clooney’s best efforts, Letterman is leaving The Late Show next Wednesday, May 20. His final guests will be Tom Hanks, Eddie Vedder and Bill Murray. Stephen Colbert will take over as host in the fall.

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