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Listen to an Official and Radio Host Argue Over Johnny Depp’s Dogs in the Most Australian Interview Ever

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The threat by Australia’s Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to euthanize actor Johnny Depp’s dogs — after the screen legend brought them into the country by private jet, flouting quarantine laws — has provoked a backlash in Australia, with many believing that Joyce has overreacted.

But there’s probably no one as outraged as Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands, at least judging from his interview with Joyce Friday morning. Sandilands filled the airwaves with a torrent of abuse against the minister, calling him “a joke”, “a disgrace,” “a gerbil of a thing” and far worse.

Sandiland admitted that Depp had “done the wrong thing,” but argued that the tone of Joyce’s response was embarrassing, because the minister had earlier said that the dogs should “bugger off back to the United States.”

Said Sandiland: “You sound like an absolute clown telling the guy to bugger off to Hollywood or we’ll kill his dogs … You’re a government minister, not some idiot off the street mouthing off to a news camera. Have some decency.”

An outraged Joyce told the Sydney Morning Herald he had demanded an apology from the radio host.

“They beeped out words on the radio. Some of the language was far worse than [what has been reported], so we’re trying to get a transcript,” a spokesman for Joyce told the Herald.

Listen to the complete 3.5-minute interview in all its vivid Australian glory below.

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