This Website Says It Can Identify Any Photo

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Computing company Wolfram Research released Thursday a “milestone” website that it says will identify any photo—though of course, it won’t always be perfect. lets you drag a photo or upload an image into the program, then a machine learning algorithm then returns an answer, like “cheetah,” “zamboni” or “fragrant water lily,” according to examples on Wolfram Research CEO Stephen Wolfram’s blog.

“‘What is this a picture of?’ Humans can usually answer such questions instantly, but in the past it’s always seemed out of reach for computers to do this,” Wolfram writes. “For nearly 40 years I’ve been sure computers would eventually get there—but I’ve wondered when.”

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Gorgeous, Dreamlike Photos of Snowflakes Shot on an iPhone

The following photos were shot on Greg Miller's iPhone: Snowflake IGreg Miller
Snowflake IIGreg Miller
Snowflake IIIGreg Miller
Snowflake IVGreg Miller
Snowflake VGreg Miller
Snowflake VIGreg Miller
Miller photographed the snowflakes by holding a loupe up to the lens on his iPhoneTina Chiappetta-Miller

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