7 of the Best Tweets That Sum Up the U.K. Election

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On Thursday, the U.K voted to elect a new legislature and government. The results will not be known until Friday morning but here are some Tweets that explain the British democratic experience.

Voting is not compulsory nor do polling stations need to be protected, but these photographs suggest otherwise:

It’s also not compulsory to drink beer on election day, but there is no reason why Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, should treat this day differently from any other”

For more on Nigel Farage, read: Meet the Most Controversial Man in the U.K. Election

As you noticed above, polling can take place in some unusual venues. This can cause some confusion….

….that some businesses ruthlessly take advantage of.

But while the staff at this subway station had a serious message to offer on the elections…

…..others just saw the day as opportunity to create a new social media meme…….


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