These May Be the Most Absurd Apple Watch Accessories Yet

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Third-party jewelers are continuing to show off what may be Apple Watch’s most ridiculous accessories yet — everything from gold plates to diamond-studded bands. Some are way cheaper than the $10,000 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition; others are ten times as expensive.

One gold plate accessory is being offered by Watch Plate, which promises to affordably gold-plate your Apple Watch for $399, as 9to5Mac points out. All you have to do is drop off your Apple Watch at FedEx, and within three business days you’ll get your device back “looking like a million bucks (well, more like $10,000),” according to the site.

Other jewelers are also offering cheaper gold Apple Watches, though you’ll have to buy the watch custom-made. Swiss company Golden Dreams, for example, is accepting pre-orders a range of personalized yellow, pink and white gold Apple Watches for around $3,500.

And then there are a few jewelers who are going all out — as in six-figure Apple Watches covered in diamonds. That’s the story at luxury design firm Brikk, which is taking pre-orders for its Lux Watch models, whose watch faces come in titanium, yellow gold or pink gold, all studded with diamonds ranging from 2-karat to 12-karat.

Of course, the best option for those seeking an easy gold Apple Watch might just be to make a knockoff. As shown by popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, all it takes is some good-quality gold spray paint, tape and cutting tools to turn your watch into a counterfeit Apple Watch Edition that many people might just think is real.

These Apple Watch Accessories Might Be Cooler Than the Apple Watch Itself

Casetify Customizable Watch Band
Casetify Customizable Watch Band If Apple's watch band selection doesn't fit your tastes, Casetify allows you to create your own for $50 — you can even print your own selfies on the band. As its name suggests, Casetify also sells custom designed iPhone cases.Casetify
The CyClip
The CyClip The self-described "world's first handlebar adapter for the Apple Watch" allows you to mount your device to your bike, moped or motorcycle to receive hands-free directions, trip computing or other information (at your own risk). Pricing details haven't been announced yet.Var
Griffin Watchstand
Griffin Watchstand This elegant watch stand ($29.99) doubles as an Apple Watch charger, allowing customers to slide in the Apple-provided magnetic charging cable so the device is ready to charge at all times. Griffin Technology
Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold
Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold Brikk's modified Apple Watches will set you back over $100,000, but you'll get an Apple Watch covered in diamonds with yellow or pink gold plating. Brikk has already made a name for itself by selling 24-karat gold iPhone 6 models.Brikk
NomadPod At $59.95, the NomadPod gives you four charges of Apple Watch using a small charger that fits in your pocket. The pod serves as a portable USB battery that is designed to hold the Apple-provided cable. Nomad
Reserve Strap
Reserve Strap At $249.99, Reserve Strap is "the only band that charges the Apple Watch while you wear it." It's a silicon band that slides under the watch face, so that you don't even have to take the watch off when it's out of battery.Reserve Strap

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