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These Green Animated Mountains Reading Your Tweets Aloud Are The Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed Today

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Ever get that feeling when you want a large green animated mountain to read your tweets aloud in a deep, somewhat inebriated baritone? Whatever your answer to that question is, once you check out Mountains of Mouthness it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stop.

The totally random website will pull any tweets that have “#bad” in them for the mountains to read out. You can also use #mountains, #mouthness or even tweet directly to their Twitter account @MoMouthness, according to Kotaku.

The project, created by Magnus Östergen, is an “interactive experiment” to celebrate “pure happiness and joy over the stupidity of the Internet”.

Netizens and trolls (mostly trolls) have latched on to the totally pointless but surprisingly fun website. Responses range from innocent:

To punny:

To musical:

Mountains of Mouthness

To mathematical (not to mention totally random, but so is the website itself):

Mountains of Mouthness

There’s also a lot of explicit and NSFW responses (because Internet), but it’s rather entertaining on the whole. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and accumulate a big pile…err…mountain…of tweets.

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