Elizabeth Renstrom for TIME
By Alexander Aciman
April 30, 2015

Looking to score some great new iPhone apps at no cost? These three are some of the best you can get without spending a dime right now.

City Maps 2Go Pro

One of the biggest struggles of traveling abroad is paying for super-expensive roaming data plans. City Maps 2Go Pro is an amazing app that allows you to download maps for offline use, which means actually finding your way around a new city without spending a ton of money on a data plan.It will also give you walking directions and sightseeing recommendations.

Meeting Box

Although Meeting Box might work best on the iPad, it’s a great note-taking app on any device. It allows users to sketch, write notes, as well as take audio recordings to accompany your jottings. A good app for the note-takers who don’t like the distraction of a full computer in class or in meetings. More importantly, it can create an entire note document that you can cycle through later, page-by-page.


For the most expert doodlers, Sketchworthy is definitely worth downloading. Choose from different types of paper and choose from a variety of points and colors to let your imagination run wild. There’s a professional element to the app, too, which means you can sketch out blueprints or designs and share them with friends or partners.

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