Bandai Namco
April 28, 2015 9:57 AM EDT

Get ready to relive the ’90s on your futuristic smart watch. Bandai Namco has brought Tamagotchi, the just-exciting-enough digital pets that adorned many middle schoolers’ keychains 15 years ago, to the Apple Watch.

Like most Apple Watch programs, the Tamagotchi app works in conjunction with a previously released iPhone app. On the watch, users will be able to check their Tamagotchi’s status, let it go to the bathroom and feed it. Users can also get an alert if the pet calls out for attention.

Perhaps more Tamagotchis will survive on the Apple Watch than the pets did when they were relegated to their own separate devices, which were easily lost. It’s harder to forget to feed a pet that’s constantly yelping directly on your wrist.

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