Teen Forced to Undergo Chemotherapy Released from Hospital

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The 17-year-old Connecticut girl who was forced to undergo chemotherapy after she refused treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma is expected to be released from the hospital Monday, the Associated Press reported.

Child services removed the girl, known as Cassandra C., from her mother’s home in January to force her to undergo treatment, an action upheld by several state courts.

Cassandra had said she wanted to pursue alternative treatments to her condition and her mother vocally supported her daughter’s decision. Now, after the treatment, doctors say Cassandra’s cancer is in remission, and she has an 85% chance of survival.

“I’m at a loss for words with how happy I am that I’m finally coming home,” she told the AP in a text message. “This day seemed like it would never come. I can finally start putting my life back together, and I look forward to spending time with my mom, friends and heading back to school/work.”

Cassandra will be able to make her own medical decisions when she turns 18 in September.

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