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Watch the Teenage Spawn of Disney Villains in the Trailer for Descendants

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If you’ve ever wondered if evil skips a generation, the trailer for the Disney Channel’s forthcoming TV movie Descendants would suggest that it doesn’t. The movie features the spawn of four of Disney’s most heinous villains: Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent (Kristen Chenoweth), Snow White’s Evil Queen (Kathy Najimy), Aladdin’s Jafar (Maz Jobrani) and 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella de Vil (Wendy Raquel Robinson).

In the TV movie, the wicked offspring — Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos — leave the rough-and-tumble streets of the island prison they call home to attend a fancy prep school with abundant opportunities to wreak havoc. They’re like the kids skipping class and smoking cigarettes in your average high school parking lot, but minus the cigarettes (this is Disney), instead using hair dye, leather and magic spells to signify their rebellion.

But these teens have a choice: to carry on the legacy of evil they’ve inherited, or to forsake their birthright and do good. What ever will they choose? The suspense is killing us.

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