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The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Week

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Linkagoal describes itself as a “goal-based social network,” letting you post all sorts of personal aspirations so people can cheer you on and help keep you motivated. But the flip side is also true: Using the app brings a newfound sense of shame when you don’t complete your goals, further helping you stay on target. Once you post about your dreams online, motivation from strangers won’t get you there — the fear of public failure, rather, does the trick.

Linkagoal is free in the App Store


Sketchat is essentially Snapchat for drawings, but you don’t lose your sketches into the ether. The most fun part of the app is that you can send your sketches to friends, who can then make modifications of their own and send them back to you. Staff meetings and lecture halls will never be the same.

Sketchat is free in the App Store

VOX Player

VOX gives you cloud storage for your music, meaning you don’t have to take up your iPhone’s storage space with a whole bunch of .mp3s. You get unlimited music storage for $4.99, as well as the ability to create offline playlists and access music you have stored in different places, making it a great app for those managing multiple music subscriptions.

VOX Player is free in the App Store

Office 365 Video for iPhone

Office 365 Video is a great way to share videos with your employees or coworkers. Record a video, then submit it to your personal portal for others in your organization to view — assuming you’ve got an Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 Video for iPhone is free in the App Store

Google Calendar

Many of us have been waiting for years for Google to release an iPhone version of its Google Calendar app. It’s finally here, with a beautiful color palette and easy-to-read viewing options. It also syncs up nicely with your Gmail account, helping to import events directly from emailed messages.

Google Calendar is free in the App Store

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