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Scientists Claim They Found a New Species of Frog, and It Looks Like Kermit

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Photos of a “newly discovered and described” translucent species of frog are going viral because media outlets say the creature looks like Kermit the Frog.

Brian Kubicki, founder of the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, claims his team has found six specimens of a type of glass frog that has been called Hyalinobatrachium dianae in the Talamanca Mountains.

“With the addition of this newly described species, Costa Rica is known to have 14 glassfrogs inhabiting its tiny national territory,” according to a statement on the center’s Facebook page.

The findings are detailed in a piece recently published in the journal Zootaxa by Kubicki, with co-authors Stanley Salazar and Robert Puschendorf.

Is that Kermit? Newfound species resembles the world's most famous frog http://t.co/0WQ7d9O8Gt pic.twitter.com/IIOivri5yV

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 20, 2015

Newly discovered Costa Rican glassfrog species is a #Kermit look-alike http://t.co/jdGWdNDV86 #FNSciTech pic.twitter.com/FYhr8sdoJt

— Fox News SciTech (@FoxNewsTech) April 20, 2015

If you think this real frog (on the right) looks exactly like Kermit (on the left) -- RETWEET! http://t.co/OUd3MrPWk2 pic.twitter.com/ifwWBw71sT

— WPXI (@WPXI) April 20, 2015

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