Photojournalism Links Daily Digest: Sept. 17, 2014

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Today’s Photojournalism Links collection highlights Damon Winter’s impressive photo essay on the female cadets at West Point, published in the New York Times Magazine. His monochrome pictures expose the viewer to an unfamiliar side of the military academy and its women, from classrooms and mess halls to training fields and, finally, graduation stages.

Damon Winter: The Women of West Point (The New York Times Magazine)

Gerd Ludwig: The Nuclear Tourist (National Geographic) Ludwig documents the tourists flocking to areas surrounding failed Chernobyl power plant.

A War Photographer Embeds Himself Inside a Video Game (TIME LightBox) TIME sent Ashley Gilbertson on an assignment inside the console game The Last of Us. The results, both in terms of pictures and words, captivate.

Álvaro Laiz: Two Spirits in the Venezuelan Jungle (The New York Times Lens blog) Beautiful portrait of transgender identities among a remote Venezuelan indigenous community called Warao.

Bronia Stewart’s Mexico City (The New Yorker‘s Photo Booth) Stewart continues her work on subcultures, now documenting the life of Mexican gang members and their families. Also published on the Dazed and Confused website.

Maxim Dondyuk (Bird in Flight) The award-winning Ukrainian photographer talks about his craft.

Photojournalism Links is a compilation of the most interesting photojournalism found on the web, curated by Mikko Takkunen, Associate Photo Editor at TIME. Follow him on Twitter @photojournalism.

West Point cadets in lunch formation outside the mess hall.
Lindsey Danilack looking over cadets in lunch formation outside the mess hall.Damon Winter—The New York Times

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