PJL: June 2014 (Part 2)

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Diana Markosian: Burmese Nights (The New Yorker) Markosian recently travelled to Kachin State, a remote region in northern Burma that has played host to an anti-government insurgency for the past five decades

John Stanmeyer: The Timeless Sands of Saudi Arabia (PROOF) Hipstamatic photos from Saudi Arabia related to Stanmeyer’s most recent National Geographic assignment

Stephen Shore: From Galilee to the Negev (Buzzfeed) Shore journeyed though Israel and the West Bank to document moments of everyday life in this complex and conflicted region

Oded Balilty: Israel Desert Ablaze with Burning Man (AP Images blog) Midburn, Israel’s first Burning Man festival in Negev desert, modeled after the popular carnival held annually in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Midburn is a mix of “midbar,” Hebrew for desert, and the English word “burn”

Switzerland Obit Giger
Swiss artist H.R. Giger poses with two of his works at the art museum in Chur, Switzerland.John Moore—Getty Images

John Moore: Iran Offers a Window to the West (New York Times Lens blog) Given a chance – and a week – to visit Iran, John Moore took to the road in central Iran to see daily life in a place that has opened a bit to the West

Pari Dukovic: Ghosts of Gezi (The New Yorker) A portfolio of photographs documenting life in Istanbul a year after the 2013 protests

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Portraits from Kiev (New York Times) Photographs from Taylor-Lind’s upcoming book, Maidan — Portraits from the Black Square

Stanley Greene: Journey of the Dead: From Ukraine to Russia (NOOR)

Paolo Pellegrin: Life in the Death Valley (New York Times magazine) Mass graves still found in Bosnia

Andrew Miksys: Disko (Wired Raw File) Dance clubs in rural Lithuania

Daniella Zalcman: England’s WWII Reenactors (LightBox) Zalcman spent the last year photographing British war reenactors paying tribute to history and the lasting legacy of World War II

Marco Casino: Horse Racing Fades in Italy (New York Times Lens blog) Over the last decade, many of Italy’s racetracks have closed, taking with them thousands of jobs and memories of a once-heralded sport

Alessandro Penso and Michele Palazzi: Fieldwork Italy, The Basilicata (Foto8) Low-paid African migrant farm workers in Italy

Jane Hahn: Dambe in Lagos (The New Yorker’s Photo Booth) Dambe is a type of boxing that is popular among the Hausa, in West Africa. The sport originated with the Hausa butchers guild, as a means of military training; today it can be seen in market squares across the region | Also Slate Behold photo blog here

Phil Moore: Somalis exiled from Nairobi (Al Jazeera) The forced removal of Somali nationals from the Kenyan capital to the country’s arid north

Jonathan Torgovnik: Girl Soldier (Reportage by Getty Images) Former female child soldiers in Sierra Leone

Francesco Anselmi: Central African Republic (Contrasto)

H. R. Giger
Visual artist H. R. Giger taking off face mask.Peter van Agtmael—Magnum for MSNBC

Peter van Agtmael: Law and disorder on the Pine Ridge Reservation (MSNBC) About 35 tribal police officers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation patrol 2 million rambling acres, an area larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined

Natalie Keyssar: Unstoppable: Meet the Dancehall Queens of Brooklyn (LightBox) Dancehall is a style of music and dance born in Jamaica in the 1970s, and Brooklyn, New York, with its large Caribbean community, is home to a thriving Dancehall scene

Todd Heisler: On the Road to a Photo of America (New York Times Lens blog) A road trip from Laredo, Tex., to Duluth, Minn., in search of how immigration has changed America in real lives demands a balance between plotted paths and serendipity | The entire project so far, here

Ilona Swarc: Lonesome Doves (National Geographic) Portraits of rodeo girls in Texas illuminate a different aspect of femininity

Clara Vannucci: Bail Bond (New York Times Lens blog) A bail bondsman in Brooklyn becomes a bounty hunter to search for missing clients

Ian Willms: After The Gold Rush (Globe and Mail) The long, slow decline of Canada’s heartland

Joakim Eskildsen: Rum, Rhythm and Revolution (LightBox) A glimpse of Eastern Cuba, a region that differs greatly from the cosmopolitanism of Havana city

James Rodriguez: A Funeral for a Boy Killed in Guatemalan Massacre Over 30 Years Ago (Vice) Funeral for a boy found in a mass grave over 30 years after his death at the end of the civil war

Sebastian Liste: Rio’s Favelas Bring the Funk (New York Times Magazine) The World Cup soundtrack

Nicolò Lanfranchi: Football in a Maximum Security Prison in João Pessoa (Wired) For one week each year, the Geraldo Beltrão maximum security penitentiary in João Pessoa, Brazil holds a soccer tournament for the prisoners

Sebastian Liste: Football as Religion in Brazil (LightBox) Fans and players in Rio de Janeiro, for whom football is no mere pastime, it is a religion

Vincent Catala: Rio, the body of the city (Agence Vu)

Mario Tama: Brazil’s Troubles Surface Ahead of the World Cup (Time.com) A stark glimpse at Brazil as the country prepares to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup


The network's big news for next season is a plan to cut back the once-huge singing show's hours. What will take its place? "Events," lots of "events."

From Robert Capa’s Editor, Unearthed Scenes of Normandy, Summer 1944 (The Daily Beast) John G. Morris, now 97 years old, has published a World War II photography book unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Robert Capa’s Iconic D-Day Photo of a Soldier in the Surf (Time.com) On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, a TIME video explains how famed Normandy landings photographer Robert Capa’s negatives were almost lost

Photojournalism (The Sunday Times Magazine) Multimedia highlighting photojournalism that has appeared in the magazine

Photography theory: a bluffer’s guide (Telegraph) Bewildered by Berger? Stumped by Sontag? Telegraph read the essential photography theory so you don’t have to

The Photo That Made Me: Christopher Morris, Panama 1989 (LightBox) A new series in which TIME talks to renowned photographers about the one photograph they made that they believe jump-started their career, garnered them international attention, or simply sparked an interest in photography

David Burnett’s Enduring Homage to D-Day Heroes (PROOF)

Jeff Widener—AP

Tank Man at 25: Behind the Iconic Tiananmen Square Photo (LightBox) Jeff Widener talks about the most important photograph of his career

Martin Parr Releases a New Book (The Cut — New York Magazine) Phaidon is publishing a second edition of the monograph Martin Parr

Photographer Matt Black Captures Drought Turning California Farms Into Kingdom of Dust (National Geographic News) Black chronicles the drought-ridden decline of the Central Valley

Larry Clark’s photographs: ‘Once the needle goes in, it never comes out’ (Guardian) Clark’s controversial early photography series Tulsa and Teenage Lust are brought together in an Amsterdam show – and with their young junkies and hustlers, they still have the raw power to shock

A German Rebel in South Africa (New York Times Lens blog) Jürgen Schadeberg left the ruins of Nazi Germany to pursue photography in South Africa, where he documented the black struggle and trained a generation of photographers

Focus: Life behind the Cup (Asssociated Press) As part of their coverage of the World Cup, AP photojournalists throughout Brazil are using Instagram

Obituary: Roger Mayne, Documentarian of London’s Post-War Working Class (Photo District News Pulse blog) Also on British Journal of Photography here

A Photographer’s Summer of Luck in San Francisco (New York Times Lens blog) Fifty years ago, San Francisco was the setting for cultural and political upheaval. And Arthur Tress was the lucky young photographer who captured it

Photographer Ben Lowy raising funds for homeless photojournalist he found panhandling in New York City (New York Daily News) Lowy was startled when he realized that a homeless man in Union Square was also a former photographer and darkroom manager. Lowy has started a fundraiser for Scott Sutton, hoping to get the man off the streets

People hiring photographers to shoot everyday life (AP Big Story) trend of folks hiring professional photographers to document not just big events like weddings and bar mitzvahs, but everyday activities

Interviews and Talks

Peter van Agtmael (Vogue Italy) Van Agtmael speaks about his career and the launch of his book Disco Night Sept 11

The photobook according to Parr (British Journal of Photography) Parr has an unparalleled photobook collection at his home in Bristol

Adam Ferguson and Sarah Leen discuss Ferguson’s recent National Geographic assignment to photograph military dogs (PROOF)

Stuart Franklin’s View on Tiananmen Square (PROOF) Franklin the experience of witnessing the historical events of Tiananmen Square and what it means to him now, 25 years later

Photographer Barat Ali Batoor on documenting asylum seekers (TEDxSydney)

Behind the Lens with Photographer James Estrin (On.aol.com)

Stephen Shore on photography’s visceral connection (Phaidon blog) Shore on his new book, From Galilee to the Negev

Michael Christopher Brown (New York Times magazine 6th Floor blog) Brown on photographing for a cover story on US counterterrorism efforts in Africa

Maggie Steber on Being Reborn Through Photography (PROOF)

Ryan Pfluger (APhotoADay blog) Part of the blog’s 5 questions series

Jenn Ackerman (Nancy Rosenbaum blog) The power of personal projects

Steve McCurry’s most difficult assignment (Phaidon blog) He’s been in every war zone on the planet but Iraq was to prove his most difficult challenge

Michael Ackerman (The Blogazine)

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