PJL: January 2014 (Part 2)

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Maxim Dondyuk: Kiev (Paris Match L’Instant) Photos of the protests and clashes in Ukraine’s capital

Wil Sands: Kiev Boils Over (Esquire) From the protester’s side of the riots

Elena Chernyshova: Norilsk (PROOF) Russians adapt to a freezing, dark, and polluted place

Hossein Fatemi: Youth in Iran (NYT Lens) Exploring the contrast between how young Iranians present themselves in public and in private, when they are beyond the watchful eye of the Islamic republic’s authorities

Tommaso Protti: Kurds in Turkey (The New Yorker’s Photo Booth) Southeastern Turkey is home to nearly half the world’s Kurds

Francesco Anselmi: Refugee Camps in Bulgaria (Contrasto) Syrian refugees in Bulgaria

James Nachtwey: Syrian Refugees (LightBox) Nachtwey explores the refugee crisis sparked by the war in Syria

Andrea Bruce: Unspoken War (NOOR) Afghanistan has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world

Ulet Ifansasti: Mount Sinabung eruption (Guardian) Indonesia

Gembong Nusantara: Mining sulphur in Indonesia (Al Jazeera) Miners brave dangerous conditions to extract minerals from one of the largest sulphuric lakes on earth

Kemal Jufri: Risky Work in Indonesia’s Gold Fields (NYT) Small-scale gold mining pollutes Indonesian lands

Gilles Sabrie: China’s Stranded Children (Wall Street Journal) Left-behind children of China’s migrant workers bear grown-up burdens

John Vink: Cambodia’s Garment Factory Workers Strike (Businessweek)

Alex Webb: Kumbh Mela (National Geographic) Millions flocked to the Hindu gathering in 2013 | From the February issue of National Geographic magazine

Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist: Manipur under the shadow of guns (Al Jazeera) Extra-judicial killings are in focus as India’s small north-eastern state pays price for unresolved conflicts

Ugo Borga: Life on a ‘Death River’ in Bangladesh (LightBox) The Buriganga River gave life to Dhaka, and Dhaka killed it. Photographer Ugo Borga documents the human and environmental catastrophe unfolding in Bangladesh

Ami Vitale: Poaching Wars (Life Force Magazine) Kenya

Michael Zumstein: Crisis in Central African Republic (Agence Vu)

Brent Stirton: Child Marriage in South Sudan (Human Rights Watch)

Nichole Sobecki: South Sudan slides from exuberance to catastrophe (AFP Correspondent)

Phil Moore: Displaced in South Sudan (Al Jazeera) People fleeing ongoing fighting suffer from poor water quality and a lack of food

Geoff Pugh: Refugees in South Sudan (The Telegraph)

Aubrey Wade: Sierra Leone: law and order meets traditional justice (Guardian) , Exploring the ways people access justice in a country with few lawyers

Erika Larsen: There’s No Place Like Home (National Geographic) Garrison Keillor’s memory map | From the February issue of National Geographic magazine

Christopher Payne: Fruits of the Loom (New York Times Magazine) Project on the American textile industry

Mikolaj Nowacki: My New York (CNN Photo) Nowacki is in love with New York City, and he wants to share it with the world

Damon Winter: A Fight Over Horses (NYT) Carriage horses in New York City

Mae Ryan: Realigned (Audiovision) Scenes from California’s new prison system

Jim Lo Scalzo: Watchington (NYT Lens) Since the N.S.A. detained Jim Lo Scalzo for trying to photograph its headquarters, he has been noticing all types of surveillance devices all over his hometown, Washington

Philippe Brault: Fort McMurray (Agence Vu) A disproportionate city, a boomtown, a polluted city: Fort McMurray, in Alberta, Canada, is the largest energetic project on earth

Ciril Jazbec: Greeland (NYT Lens) Where the ice, and the population, is thinning

Jerome Sessini: Cartels and Vigilantes Clash in Mexico (LightBox) Sessini spent the past month documenting the strife in Mexico | More on Magnum website here

João Pina: Exposing the Legacy of Operation Condor (NYT Lens) In 1975, six South American military dictatorships conspired to concoct a secret plan to eliminate their left-wing opponents

Troi Anderson: Summoning spirits in Venezuela (CNN Photo)


AP severs ties with photographer who altered work (AP Big Story)

Why Associated Press was right to sever ties with Narciso Contreras (Guardian) The Guardian’s head of photography explains why the photojournalist’s seemingly small mistake in manipulating a single image from Syria could have big repercussions

Truth and Consequences for a War Photographer (NYT Lens)

Early prototypes of the Scio physical object scannerMohammed Abdel Moneim—AFP/Getty Images

Friends of late Al-Badil Photojournalist submit his photos to international contest (Ahram Online) Mohamed Abdel Moneim (Al-Noubi), photojournalist of Al-Badil who took iconic photo of Rabaa clashes, dies on Sunday after a tragic car accident and several weeks in a coma

David Campbell: How photojournalism contributes to change: Marcus Bleasdale’s work on conflict minerals (David Campbell’s website)

Fred Ritchin: New realities: Smartphones and 9/11 (FLTR) What impact would smartphone cameras have had on our response to the 9/11 attacks if they had been as ubiquitous then as they are today? Photography specialist and author Fred Ritchin searches for the answers

Getty Images: The Year in Focus 2013 (Getty Images)

Thomas Dworzak: Mining for Memes on Instagram (PROOF)

Robert Capa’s Unpublished Color Photographs Debut at ICP (LightBox) A new show at the International Center of Photography sheds light on some of Robert Capa’s rare color photographs

The Photographer and His Printer, Partners in Art and Love (NYT Lens) While Leonard Freed made historic images of the civil rights era, they would not have been seen if not for his loyal master printer — his wife, Brigitte Freed

Danny Lyon Criticizes Media; Says How He Would Edit National Geographic Magazine (PDN Pulse)

Danny Lyon, Agitating for Justice and Freedom With a Camera ( NYT Lens)

Burroughs, Lynch and Warhol: the secret photographers (Guardian) Three simultaneous shows at London’s Photographers’ Gallery explore the images of three artists famous for other forms

David Lynch’s factory photo archive (FT Magazine) ‘The real factories that I love, they’re black-and-white experiences. Colour putrefies them’

Jason Larkin: Tales From the City of Gold – Book review (Emaho Magazine)

Featured photographer: Jonathan Browning (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Sebastian Meyer (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Erin Brethauer (Verve Photo)

Anastasia Taylor-Lind’s best photo: A wedding in Nagorno-Karabakh (Guardian)

Inside the Photographer’s Studio: Malick Sidibe (LightBox)

Behind the Scenes With the President (New Yorker) On Pari Dukovic’s recent photo shoot with President Obama

Interviews and Talks

Carolyn Drake’s Artifacts (PROOF) Artifacts is a series about physical items that have meaning to photographers in the field

2013 Joop Swart Lecture: Gary Knight (World Press Photo) ‘Selling your blood, but not your soul: The moral and material hurdles of a career in photography’

Photographing the Civil Rights Movement: Danny Lyon and Julian Bond (PROOF)

William Albert Allard on the Passion From Within (PROOF)

Stephen Mayes on the Changing Future of Photography (Image Source) Mayes explores the work of Tim Hetherington, the wider impact of stock imagery and the rapidly changing future of photography

Emma Stone stars in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
Emma Stone stars in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.Timothy Fadek

Timothy Fadek (Dada magazine) Fadek reflects on his career

Lynsey Addario (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Elliott Erwitt (Mr Porter)

Carol Guzy (Global Journalist)

Marco Grob (NPPA)

James Estrin (Photo Brigade)

Donald Weber (The Tyee) ‘Forget the medium. First, master the art of engagement’

Curran Hatleberg (Vice)

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